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  • Press release on all the leading newspapers: Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, Bloomberg, Nasdaq, Market Watch, Digital Journal , Street Insider 
  • In addition, We will assist you in publishing your press-release articles in the following newspapers as a gift for our first cooperation: Yahoo News, Yahoo Now, Yahoo Lifestyle, Yahoo Singapore, Yahoo Australia, Yahoo Canada, Yahoo Hongkong, Yahoo Newzealand, Yahoo Italy.
  • Project send us article which want to be posted on Yahoo Finance/Benziga…
  • Contact us for confirm submit/format press release
  • Proofread your press release before ordering. Once the release is published, changes or deletions are not allowed
  • Medical supplements, legal cases, political opinions, CBD, Gambling etc., are not allowed
  • Company/Project contact details (email) must be provided
  • Crypto Press Releases Bloomberg and Nasdaq Project must be listed on CMC

Terms and services

  • Start in 1-2 days after purchase
  • Time: 2-4 days
  • Target: Yahoo Finance, Benziga
  • Amount: max 700 words/post
  • Picture in post: 01 pic

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